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Game Food for all 32 NFL Teams

Here are our football foods for every NFL team! To celebrate football season, here are our favorite foods to highlight each team in the NFL. We have focused on teams throughout the season and created one game day food item per team that represents a specific tradition or particular food. Each recipe below is something that can be enjoyed while watching a football game and highlights the team or the team’s city in some, delicious manner. Whether you are tailgating or watching the game on your couch with friends, there is a tasty appetizer in this mouthwatering list, ready for you to whip up. Check out our list of amazing recipes and make one to cheer on your favorite NFL team!

Football Foods for Every NFL Team:

Click each recipe to find out how to make it!

Arizona Cardinals – Chile Relleno Bean DipCheesy Bean DipArizona is home to some of the tastiest Mexican food. With great spices and flavors, this Chile Relleno dip would be an amazing hit when cheering on the Cardinals. With the most creamy cheese topping, a layer of rich beans and spicy chiles, this chile relleno dip is so deliciously addicting!

Atlanta Falcons – Fried Chicken Tacos with Peach SalsaFried Chicken Tacos

Everywhere we looked, we were told to represent the Atlanta Falcons with fried chicken. Wanting to give fried chicken a fresh spin, we made tacos and added a zesty peach salsa to highlight Georgia’s famous fruit. Together with a spicy mayo and crispy chicken, these tacos were completely the best combination. 

Baltimore Ravens – Loaded Clam Chowderloaded Clam Chowder

With seafood being a staple in Baltimore, this loaded clam chowder would make any Ravens fan satisfied and proud. Smothered with bacon and cheese, you will be obsessed with every bite of this creamy treat. 

Buffalo Bills – Buffalo Macaroni BitesBuffalo Macaroni Bites

After some searching, we wanted an easy dish that would highlight the Bills in a fun way. Using buffalo sauce was an easy nod to the team and this dish was a perfect way to celebrate them. We love how these are a bite sized treat that can be enjoyed while watching the game. After devouring a few too many of these bites, we think that everyone should try to make these tasty little morsels.

Carolina Panthers – Easy BBQ MeatballsBBQ meatballs

Barbecue is a staple to any Carolina Panthers fan. These meatballs are an unexpected yet delicious choice to represent the team. Rather than making a pulled meat to pair with barbecue sauce, we took an Italian classic and made it compliment a tangy sauce. Best of all, they are so easy to quickly eat during the game.

Chicago Bears – Mini Deep Dish PizzasMini Deep Dish Pizzas

Deep dish pizzas are a no-brainer to make to represent any Chicago team. Make them bite sized and everyone will be reaching in for more! With gooey cheese and zesty sausage, these irresistible mini deep dish pizzas are completely easy and so flavorful.

Cincinnati Bengals – Cincinnati ChiliCincinnati Chili Spaghetti

In Cincinnati, chili on top of spaghetti is the ultimate food. On first discovery, this dish seems a it peculiar. However, with one bite, you will definitely be convinced that chili on top of spaghetti is a genius idea. 

Cleveland Browns – Slow Cooker ChiliEasy crockpot Chili

Chili in Cleveland is a celebrated staple that can be found in many restaurants. It is so hearty and zesty, and we know why fans love every bit of it.Loaded with spices and meat, this comforting chili is completely delicious. With very little preparation, this easy slow cooker chili is ready with almost no effort!

Dallas Cowboys – Jalapeno Popper QuesadillasSpicy Chicken Quesadilla

When we delved into the foods that Cowboys fans enjoy, the road led straight to jalapeño poppers. Intrigued about how to make this unique and perfect to eat during a game, we turned this classic into quesadilla form. Completely fast and packed with delicious flavors, these jalapeno popper quesadillas are essential for enjoying during game day.

Denver Broncos – Denver Omelet Quiche BitesDenver Omelet Mini Quiche

What else to represent Denver but of course, mini Denver omelet quiches! Packed with cheese, ham and peppers, these savory and flavorful quiche bites are so fun to stuff your face with while cheering on the Broncos.

Detroit Lions – Detroit Style Coney Dogs

Detroit style Coney dogs are basically a beef hot dog with a beef chili sauce, chopped onion, and yellow mustard. What a delicious and beefy Detroit staple! With one bite of these mouth-watering Detroit coney hot dogs, the flavors will completely blow your mind! Your guests will definitely be obsessed with these fun, meaty dogs.

Green Bay Packers – Beer Cheese Bratwurstsbeer cheese bratwurst

Pair beer cheese with a brat, and you’ve got yourself a Packer’s fan dream. Piled with irresistible beer cheese and bacon, these mouth watering bratwursts are great for tailgating and will leave your party guests wowed.

Houston Texans – Loaded Steak FriesLoaded Steak Fries

Of course to represent Texas, there needs to be steak involved. Pairing steak with Nachos makes this dish game day accessible. These loaded steak fries are oozing with rich cheese and are layered with every awesome thing you want on fries. They are the perfect addition to any game day spread.

Indianapolis Colts – Pork Tenderloin Sliderspork tenderloin sliders

Pork tenderloin sandwiches are very distinct to Indianapolis and with every bite, you will realize why they are well loved! With a cranberry spread, a crispy tenderloin inside and a tasty whole wheat bun, these pork sliders are simply delicious.

Jacksonville Jaguars – Shrimp and GritsShrimp and Grits

This gem was discovered while checking out stadium food that is served at Jacksonville Jaguar games. It also uses a favorite food in Jacksonville – shrimp. These easy, cheesy and irresistible shrimp and grits will become your new favorite, mouthwatering comfort dish.

Kansas City Chiefs – Potato Chip Pierogi  

What a better way to represent the Pittsburgh Steelers, but with a delicious appetizer using the coveted pierogi.  Before we made these, we did not know how celebrated pierogi were in Pittsburgh.  If you are looking for a mouthwatering game day food, look no further! These pierogi coated in potato chips will be the talk of the party!

LA Rams – Street Corn NachosStreet Corn Nachos

Los Angeles is brimming with fun and different flavors.  Every zesty bite of these nachos reminds represents how flavorful, unique and fun Los Angeles really is. Layered with fantastic street corn and bacon, these cheesy and loaded street corn nachos are the perfect football snack!

Miami Dolphins – Cheesy Beef Empanadas Cheesy Beef Empanadas

Crescent-shaped and full of savory beef and veggies, empanadas are a wonderful Miami staple. Packed with beef, peppers, spices and cheese, these empanadas are full of the best and most delicious flavors.

Minnesota Vikings – Easy Juicy Lucy

A Juicy Lucy is a cheeseburger that has the cheese inside of the meat patty, rather than on top of it. When you bite in, the perfect mixture of juiciness and cheesiness is incredible. It is so famous and dearly loved in Minneapolis. This Juicy Lucy is so delicious and easy! It is a great game day food that is perfect for cheering on the Minnesota Vikings. 

New England Patriots – Baked Beans and Cornbread BitesCornbread Baked Beans

Since baked beans are a staple in New England, we searched for a way to incorporate them into game day food. These cornbread bites are so fun to serve at a party or to chow down before dinner. The cheesy bread has a perfect balance with the sweet beans and crispy bacon. Together, this combination is an unexpected surprise. 

New Orleans Saints – Shrimp Po’Boy SlidersShrimp Po'boy Sliders

Shrimp po’boys are so well loved in New Orleans and they are so perfect in slider form! These shrimp po’boy sliders have perfectly crisp shrimp and a delicious creamy sauce that are irresistible to enjoy during a football game.

New York Giants – Bagel Margherita PizzaBagel Margherita Pizza

New York definitely makes us need to highlight pizza. In order to make this recipe more unique, we combined it with bagels – another New York staple. With an everything bagel and delicious pizza together, this bagel Margherita pizza is such a fun treat! Using cream cheese and a tasty seed crust, this pizza is such a fun appetizer or dinner!

New York Jets – Cheese Stuffed Meatball SubMeatball Sub Sandwich

Meatballs and New York go together so well! Great Italian food seems to be produced in that area, so naturally a cheese stuffed meatball was the way to go for this recipe. Placing the cheese stuffed meatballs into a sourdough bun, then made this dish a real game changer.These cheese stuffed meatball subs are the ultimate comfort food. Bursting with cheese, these subs will have you begging for more! 

Oakland Raiders – Tikka Masala Samosastikka masala samosas

Oakland is brimming with amazing flavors and various, ethnic foods. It is a wonderful melting pot of all people, and making a food like this that everyone will love, perfectly represents the team. With a perfect, flaky outside and a vibrant and rich vegetable inside, these tikka masala samosas are addicting delights that are party perfect!

Philadelphia Eagles – Philly Cheesesteak BitesPhilly Cheesesteak Bites

These Philly cheesesteak bites were packed with flavor and were bursting with the perfect combination of beef, peppers and cheese. It is pretty amazing how the incredible flavors of a Philly cheesesteak can be packed into a small, flavorful bites. These bites can be quickly enjoyed at a gathering and would be a great way to cheer on the Eagles. If you are an Eagles fan, these would be the perfect addition to your game day spread. 

Pittsburgh Steelers – Slow Cooker Spare Rib SlidersKansas City barbecue sauce sliders

When researching the Kansas City Chiefs, it was obvious that making a barbecue sauce was a must. It was also quickly discovered that we could pair it with just about any meat. With tangy cole slaw, a zesty barbecue sauce and a fantastic pretzel bun, these spare rib sliders are such a fun party food.

San Diego Chargers – Beef Street TacosBeef Street Tacos

 Representing the Los Angeles Chargers, these tacos perfectly highlight the tasty tacos that are so deliciously prevalent in the area. With flavorful beef, a tasty slaw and a fantastic spicy sauce, these outstanding beef street tacos are way too good to pass up.

San Francisco 49ers – Butter Lobster RollButter Lobster Roll

Obviously, one of the best foods that San Fransisco has to offer is seafood. Whether it is crab, shrimp or fish, seafood is a staple in San Fransisco. This butter lobster roll perfectly represents San Fransisco with its simplicity and bold flavors. This butter lobster roll is an irresistible and addicting treat that is deceivingly simple and packed with amazing flavors.

Seattle Seahawks – Easy Pretzel Biteseasy pretzel appetizer

Apparently, people in Seattle take pretzels very seriously. We can easily imagine Seahawks fans dipping these incredible pretzel bites in a gooey cheese sauce and rooting on their team. In just a few simple steps, these bites were ready to be devoured and thoroughly enjoyed.With a gooey and flavorful cheese sauce, these delicious pretzel bites will have you and your guests popping them over and over!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Cuban Chicken FlautasCheesy Chicken Flautas

With a pineapple salsa and a bold chicken and cheesy inside, these cuban flautas are so irresistible. Tampa Bay celebrates Cuban food, so we gave these flautas a cuban spin. Every bite of these cheesy and flavorful flautas were so incredible and got us so excited to experiment with these delicious tortilla and cheese bites again!

Tennessee Titans – Easy Hot ChickenEasy Hot Chicken

Hot chicken is a Tennessee favorite! This easy hot chicken was one hundred percent simple and one hundred percent incredible. With hot sauce and a fantastic glaze, this easy hot chicken is the perfect dish to enjoy and devour during a football game.

Washington Redskins – Chili Cheese Hot DogsEasy Chili Dogs

We hope you enjoyed these football foods for every NFL team. That’s 32 appetizers for every team! For tailgates, the Super Bowl, a party or just watching the game at home, there are so many delicious and fun ideas!

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