About Us

Hi, I’m Allie and his name is Dan. We are newlyweds from Sacramento who are excited to start a new chapter of creating delicious meals together in our kitchen. This adventure for the two of us has been designed to bring great, healthy food to our table, and also to have something thrilling to dream about each week. Making meals every day that are courageous, different and tasty is something that we hope will help us to grow in our cooking abilities, and also in our new marriage. Outside of the kitchen, you can find Dan working on his online advertising business, and Allie teaching little ones in the classroom. While we love our jobs, this new outlet has given us something both fun and scrumptious to partake in each day. Meeting together every night in the kitchen has given us an exciting connection that allows us to unwind and enjoy amazing meals together.

We met in college, and our relationship has revolved around food in many ways. From making laughable cooking disasters to whipping up surprising masterpieces, our dishes have filled us with many fun memories throughout our relationship. Our hope for this blog is to inspire you with tasty meals that you can cook with the same amount of joy that we have experienced. Love and Risotto will highlight great food, amusing cooking adventures, and will give you and your family recipes that you will love eating. Follow us on a journey that focuses on cooking together, making simple but incredible meals, and enjoying the ride of making a scrumptious mess in the kitchen.

We invite you to post comments, share experiences and introduce yourself as we embark upon this food adventure together! Buon appetito!

– Allie and Dan